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Throughout history, and regardless of the technology of the day, a certain amount of knowledge has always been lost. Knowledge can be extracted from individuals, groups, documents, video & audio recordings, spreadsheets, images and graphics.  CEN specializes in utilizing specific research methodologies to extract first hand knowledge from individuals and groups.

Tacit – something understood without being stated
               Automatic – what we do (Clarke & Szmigin, 2000)
               Intentional – what we intend to pass on (Clarke & Szmigin, 2000)
               Individual –  knowledge rests within the individual (Berman et. el, 2003)
                Group – shared knowledge of a team (Berman et. el, 2003)

Implicit – something implied though not plainly expressed

Explicit - knowledge that is easily codified, stored, articulated and easily transmitted to others.


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