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Jeff Carter is a highly accomplished international education executive whose life purpose is to enhance the access to and the transfer of knowledge to citizens around the world. Quality and catalyst are two critical factors that form the backbone of Jeff’s success. With quality, learners can be assured of the high caliber of tools, techniques and knowledge that Jeff brings to the learning sector. With catalyst, Jeff ignites learners to become agents of change, initially within themselves through the new knowledge that was gained, and subsequently (and positively) to the communities around them. As our global village increasingly becomes a global mindset, Jeff offers his years of cross-cultural communication and cultural sensitivity experience to his learning partners, clients and students, helping them navigate the delicate sensitivities and local nuances, while bringing knowledge to the world. Here are some of his career highlights:

As the Dean of Canadian College, Jeff single handedly spearheaded the transformation of a an organization that was focused solely on ESL into a facility that is now offering world-class and industry driven diploma programs in Business, Hospitality and Technology. His business intuition, academic foresight and his results focused tenacity have been instrumental to the current and future success of Canadian College. Says Oktay Kesebi, lead instructor in Marketing and e-Commerce at Canadian College,” When even the most accomplished Dean would require a dozen hands to juggle the many balls required for developing and expanding a business school from scratch, Jeff has consistently demonstrated his highly honed skills to design, execute, deliver organizational success.”

As an educator in Korea,  “Jeff’s approach is to expand the mind set of his students. He combines a rich mixture of theory and real world application that Korean students do not usually get.” States Michelle Lim of Seoul University of Foreign Studies. Many of his students have a similar response, “It's amazing that your classes are so helpful to me THIS soon...I mean, I am very much drawing upon what I learned in your class as I prepare for my own presentation.  Thank you for your precious lectures…” writes SUFS grad student SJ Kim.

As a corporate trainer, Marketing VP Sanjay, from Samsung India writes, “Thank you very much for your assessment sheets.  There was lots of insights in there and I am very sure these inputs will help the team members improve further.”   Samsung HQ staff were equally appreciative when Carter was coaching their staff assigned VIP tours of the complex.
Managers at Hyundai and Daewoo had a similar response. Mr, Bhang from Daewoo wrote that, "Because of your excellent lecture, I was able, for the first time, to understand the need a common-sense view as well as just the vocabulary of English in studying English… I am sure that what I learned from your talks will prove to be invaluable in my future way of studying, and help me do my work more efficiently." 

As a Masters of Education student, professors viewed Carter’s research projects as exemplar papers for future students. Jeff Carter is no stranger to conceptualizing and executing projects as his career achievements are copious and his entire body of work is prolific. It was Kate Polsky, former Executive Director of the Pacific Music Association (PMA) who put it best about Carter’s ability: “Jeff Carter is THE “Idea Man” as I have never heard him say, it can’t be done…only ‘Hmmmm..that’s interesting…I wonder how it COULD be done”. However, just taking any idea from conception to execution is not what Carter Entertainment Group is about. As Poslky clarifies, “Jeff first imagines the angles, the relationships, the possibilities, and only THEN does he start figuring out the how.”

In addition to his academic and career achievements , Jeff has maintained an admirable history of community citizenship. “I recall the United Way campaign that I helped facilitate in 1991, under the Royal Bank President George Gaffney who challenged his entire to out-do one another in funds raised. His call to action became a personal challenge for me to see what I could do for the cause. As a result my team came first in fundraising sales amongst all the other corporate fundraisers that participated that year. I consider it one of my highest personal achievements ever.” Jeff Carter has also worked extensively with young offenders and even managed to develop an accredited peer counseling program and violence prevention program within the educational system, with the help of other professional educators. Over the last twenty years, Carter has been personally involved in raising over three million dollars for charities, from government funding programs and through private sector contributions.