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Welcome to Carter Education

Contracting Carter Education for assistance with any one of the three categories will greatly enhance the bottom line of your organization.  However, combining all three can harness the human, social and intellectual capital of your business, educational institution or social service organization like never before.


The acquisition and transfer of knowledge is the lynchpin of any education program and knowledge management strategy.  CEN has a unique process to extract tacit, implicit and explicit organizational knowledge for the purpose of chronicling or instruction.  Click on the KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER icon for a more in-depth description.

The transfer of knowledge can take place in formal, informal and non-formal settings. CEN looks for ways to integrate all three into each lesson, course or program. Click on the INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN icon for a more in-depth description.


As knowledge transfer is the lynchpin, so education research is both the foundation cornerstone and lifeblood of any instructional design process. CEN focuses on proven research techniques that enhance and codify knowledge extraction.
Click on the EDUCATION RESEARCH icon for a more in-depth description


Professional Development:
4 Teachers, Trainers & Instructors

A series of highly informative research based practical videos dealing with: student engagement; facilitating critical thinking in the classroom; incorporating ESD (education for sustainable development; and tips on writing the most complete learning outcomes for any VTE program or course. (Academics also invited to watch :)

Writing Learning outcomes for VTE Teachers, Trainers & Instructors:

The learning Hub is an education resource portal for students and teachers powered by Carter Education.